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Animal Behavioral Modification & Counseling in Seattle, WA

Corey McLennan of Edmonds, Washington, keeps your pet in line through animal behavioral modification and counseling. Whether your dog barks too much or your pet is too aggressive, he knows how to make it behave better. Call Corey McLennan Animal Behavioral Consultant to schedule an appointment.
Kitten – Animal Behavioral Specialist in Seattle, WA
Behavioral Modification
This technique solves behavioral issues through behavioral modification and restructuring the animal's environment. Because Corey believes this type of counseling is more effective in the animal's own environment, he comes to your home for counseling.

First Appointment—At this time, Corey collects information, including a detailed history of your pet and your relationship with your pet. This includes details about temperament, character, personality, and general information about good and bad habits.

Next, Corey makes a detailed history of the problem area followed by an analysis of the situation and what you can do together to solve the problem. You are also invited to ask any questions that help you better understand the situation.
Problem Solving
Corey McLennan Animal Behavioral Consultant also helps your pet learn better behavior through problem solving. He specializes in treating aggression and hard-to-handle dogs but he also provides solutions for everything from separation anxiety and barking to chewing and unruly behaviors.

The methods he uses are specific to the problem, temperament, character, and personality of the animal and its owner. This service is available for dogs, cats, and exotic pets, as well as specific species or breeds of animals.
Animal Counseling
Help your animal learn proper social skills with counseling for it and you. With Corey's guidance, you learn how to make lifestyle changes for your pet by restructuring your relationship with your pet.

Essentially, you learn the importance of taking control of your pet and setting up parameters. By setting up rules, you also teach your animal the consequences of bad behavior.

Help your pet learn how to behave in any situation by calling Corey McLennan at (206) 542-4485 for animal counseling and behavioral modification.