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About Corey

Corey McLennan has owned and formally operated an Animal Behavioral Consulting business for over 35 years. Corey started his business as an Applied Animal Behaviorist in February of 1982 and has helped families and individual help solve behavioral issues and problems with their pets. The vast majority of pets Corey works with are Dogs but he also works with Cats, Birds and Exotic animals. Corey's specialty is dealing with Aggression Issues with Dogs, whether it be Aggression toward people or other dogs or animals. Corey is well known for his ability to solve issues with Hard to Handle and Unruly Dogs, those dogs that most owners give up on.
Other problems that Corey frequently sees are:
Barking at Owner – Animal Behavioral Specialist in Seattle, WA
Broke Plates – Animal Behavioral Specialist in Seattle, WA
Dog Barking – Animal Behavioral Specialist in Seattle, WA
Corey works with all behavior problems and issues. He is considered an expert on Canine Behavior and Aggression and frequently is use by attorneys for his expert opinion Canine Behavior and Aggression in regards to legal issues. Another area of expertise and Corey's favorite area is working with puppies.

This includes proper breed selection and individual puppy selection molding and shaping that puppy into a great family pet. Getting the right individual puppy and molding that puppy for the first 5 months of life is crucial to life long success. Corey offers breed selection advice and puppy selection as a free service to prospective dog owners. Corey has been working with and training dogs since he was 3 years old when he got his first dog to train.